Students can enrol and start at Petone Central School at any time throughout the school year. Zoning does not apply here at Petone Central School.

If you are considering enrolling your child then we have a number of options for you:
Take a tour, pre enrollment, and tansition to school visits.

Take a tour
Prospective parents and their children are always welcome to come and meet our team and to take a look around our exciting school. If you are interested in coming to have a look around please call to arrange a time to meet our principal and take a tour of the school.

Once your child has turned four years old you may contact the school office to pre enroll. Your child's name will then be added to the Petone Central School's pre-enrty register. This helps us to plan classes for the year ahead and to provide the new entrant teacher with contacts for transition to school visits. 

Transition to school visits
Pre entry visits help to introduce your child to their class and teacher before starting school. Providing we have your details and enrollment form a staff member will contact you leading up to starting day to arrange pre entry visits for your child. Alternatively you could come along to our 'open sessions' in our new entrant classes. Please ask at the office for details on day and time for Mainstream and/or Immersion sessions.

If you would like to talk with us about enrolling your child in our school please contact our office or School Principal, Trina Bennett by:

Phone: 04 568 7974
Principal Email: principal@petone-central.school.nz

Call in any time for a visit at 16 Britannia St, Petone, Lower Hutt.